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(2017.04.21) At the Felix and Gipsy page there is a new YouTube movie also at the rabbit und guinea pig page, one can find more new images and clips attached there during the server relocation.

(2017.04.04) At the Felix and Gipsy page there are a few new images from Felix and our new cat, Selmi. Also during the ongoing but still incomplete relocation to a new server links have been actualized and repaired and at the coaster page the videolinks have been changed to html 5.

(2013.02.13) Now there are many new images and reports at Haleys World. Thus at the astrophotography page and at the comets page. Recently reports about the last star parties, from the 30th ITT and from the 14th BTM have been inserted. From the 14. BTM there is also a YouTube movie available.

(2013.02.13) There are eight new images and a time lapse video at the nature and travel page. The existing Heiko page has undergone a major upgrade and presents now many new images and a videoclip of our rabbits and guinea pigs also. Additional now can be watched two nice clips at our Felix and Gipsy page. These clips can be seen also at our YouTube Channel.

(2013.01.25) There are seven new painted images at Gabis painting page to view. One can be happy now about many new images of our pussies Felix and Gipsy at there page.

(2012.12.29) The links page has got a new weather link. There are many new photographs from deep sky objects and supernovae at the astrophotography page section of Haleys astro pages.

(2012.12.01) There are 13 new images, mostly from Mt. Wendelstein and partly in HDR at the nature and travel page. The links page has been actualized also. There is now the report of the 28th ITT in Carinthia with nice landscape imagery at Haleys astro pages and an update of the planets page online. Also new photographs of comet Garradd have resulted in an updade of the comets page.

(2010.12.30)There are 30 new images from our pussies at the Felix and Gipsy page. Gabi's painting page has a lot of new images to register. There are many new images at the nature and travel page. The links page has been actualized again. There is now the report of the 26th ITT in Carinthia with nice landscape imagery at Haleys astro pages and a update of the links page online.

(2010.03.02) New Clips at our YouTube Channel. At the Haleys world link page a few new light pollution links. Two additional new clips you'll find at our Rollercoaster page.

(2010.02.21) Ongoing actualization and improvement of the link page. Our new YouTube Channel is already embedded. Also at the Haleys astro world link page a few new links. 12 new images and two clips you'll find at our Rollercoaster page. One clip is also embedded at the Gipsy and Felix page.

(2009.01.29) At the Paintings page one can spot eight new images. In addition the artists portfolio has been edited and strong upgraded. Also the Nature page has grown: Eight new images, a few of them waiting longer for publication. At the Haley world there are now reports from the last Star parties 11. BTM and 24. ITT , Carinthia.

(2008.01.21) At the Felix and Gipsy page there are four new pictures. At the Haley world there are finally many new deepsky images online. A few impresssions from our travel to spain you'll find at the Christina and ULT page.

(2007.12.28) At the Paintings page there are more new pictures and informations about paintings and images of the exhibition at December 16th. At the Haley world there is another new image of comet Holmes . There is also a report of the 23th ITT at Emberger Alm and a small report of the occultation of Venus last summer.

(2007.12.11) At the Paintings page you'll find a lot of new pictures and informations about Gabi's paintings. At the Haley world the comet Holmes has left its prints at the Comet page .

(2007.09.06) Our kitties Felix and Gipsy present themselves in new cute images. At the Haley world a report with many images of the 10th BTM in Pfünz has been inserted recently.

(2007.06.14) The paintings page is showing new material. Lots of new exposures one can admire at the nature page. Two young guinea pigs one can get to know at the Gabi page. At Haley's world there are news at the Bismarck pages. A report from the 4th CHAT in Chiemgau is for a short time online. And finally you'll find at the planets page two new images of Jupiter.

(2007.02.01) The Frauenkirche of Dresden as oil painting can be admired beside other updates at the painting page. The spectacular show of the Comet Mc Naught has been documented at Haleys comet page.

(2006.12.07) In late summer five oil paintings have been created under Gabis professional hands.

(2006.11.30) Because of administrative improvements the Haleywelt URL has changed. Please use now to reach this Webspace. As an alternative works also. In addition a report of the 22. ITT with many images is also online.

(31.08.2006) Gabi has done a few paintings, five new images can be watched at the painting page. New gorgeous impressions at the nature page.

(2006.06.19) There are seven new images of our cute cats at the Felix and Gipsy page.

(2006.05.15) The travel report of our Total Solar Eclipse exlpedition at the Egypt page is now completed. At the nature page you'll find more new impressions from the desert. Additionally you can admire a new image of a dog at the painting page.

(2006.04.13) Finally there is a travel report of our expedition to the Total Solar Eclipse in Egypt at the Egypt page with images of the Eclipse, more impressions you'll find at the nature page.

(2006.02.01) 15 new images inserted at the pages of our cats Gipsy and Felix, also 5 images of our cute "Puschel" at the Gabi page.

(2005.10.16) 12 new images inserted at the pages of our new cats Gipsy and Felix.

(2005.09.24) Our recent visit at Legoland Günzburg leads to a extension of our Rollercoaster page with many new images. A few new links at the link page.

(2005.08.31) Starting from the new Cat pages or here, there is a now a link to the page of our new pussys Gipsy and Felix.

(2005.08.08) New exposures now online at the pages Gabi page, Gabi's paintings and Heiko gallery. To honour Picards legacy a redesign of our Cat pages has been made.

(2005.08.04) Finally a greater number of analog images have been edited and inserted into the Egypt page.

(2005.06.10) Finally the new nature page with lots of images of nature and landscapes has started.

(2005.03.01) Additional images of Gabi's paintings can also be found at the paintings page.

(2005.02.15) Gabi's paintings can now be found at their own paintings page, new images at the Heiko page, a few changes in Gabi's World. There are also new links .

(2005.01.27) Our holiday in egypt at last fall condenses in an own egypt page. Moreover additional images have been added to the Rollercoaster page .

(2004.12.28) New images in Haleys astro world, you'll find them at the Planet page and in the Astrophoto gallery .

(2004.11.05) Further improvement, making of a rollercoaster gallery. Everything now online.

(2004.10.25)Building a structure of our page and first insertion of galleries done.

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