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Because of the movement of this page to a new server there are inconsistencies like missing images. Until the relocation this page had about 1600 visitors per month at the average.

Have fun with countless interesting and funny images, videos and stories in our worlds: Gabi world with painting and cute gnawers, Haleys Astro world with telescope meetings, astrophotography and telescope making, cat galleries as well as nature and voyages.

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(2017.04.21) At the Felix and Gipsy page there is a new YouTube movie also at the rabbit und guinea pig page, one can find more new images and clips attached there during the server relocation.

Animal portrait paintings by Gabriele Schäfer-Ries, Animals painted in oil, acryl, carbon:

Gabis World, galleries with images of our furry companions and Gabis paintings:

Haleys Astro World - Christophs galleries and stories, mainly with astronomical contents about star parties, telescope making, eclipses and astrophotography:

Our cats pages with nice image galleries of Felix, Gipsy, Selmi, Picard, Bobby and catlinks:

Christoph and Gabi links:

Images from our journeys to egypt under this link:

Here you can be astonished from impressions of nature and landscapes:

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